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Since the rise of technology in media and PR, there has been talk that the value of a press release is slowly dwindling. News is now available 24/7 in the palm of your hand, and journalists can learn about newsworthy topics instantly through social media and spur-of-the-moment emails.

Despite what some might think, the press release is still very much alive. Here are three reasons that prove it:

1. Press releases are still widely used by journalists

In talking with journalists, our PR agency has found that the media still prefer to receive story ideas through properly formatted (AP Style) press releases or story pitches. Some media outlets run press releases as-is. Even journalists who build their own stories can use the press release for additional detail and to fact-check information.

2. Press releases give your company credibility with the media

A well-written press release implies that your company takes PR seriously and understands the news industry. When your PR agency or in-house team distributes an expertly crafted press release, journalists will appreciate the time and attention that went into it. High-caliber press releases indicate your company respects the role of the news media, building credibility and valuable relationships.

3. Press releases can go the distance

Oftentimes, a press release can go beyond its primary purpose of generating news coverage. Even when a news outlet does cover the topic, the people you’d really like to have seen or heard it may have missed it. Posting press releases to the company website and social media platforms, and including them in e-newsletters and email blasts, shares your news with a wider audience.

While the argument of the value of a press release continues, we foresee that the press release isn’t going anywhere any time soon. The way in which it is distributed, shared and optimized may evolve with technological advances, but we predict the press release is here to stay.

If your company has any newsworthy topics to share, our PR agency can help assist you with outreach.