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4 Things the Best PR Agencies Do Differently

If you’re looking to hire a PR agency, you should know that not all PR firms are created equal. A PR agency with a solid track record of getting news coverage and experience in your industry are obvious things to look for. But the best PR agencies not only get results – they’re also great to work with and add value to your business. […]

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5 Things to Know Before You Start a PR Campaign

So, you’ve chosen to launch a PR campaign. It’s is a step in the right direction to strengthen brand awareness and leverage the power and influence of the news media to enhance your reputation. But, before you can seek help from PR professionals, you have to know what it is you want to achieve. […]

3 Ways Case Studies Improve Your Company’s PR

When you’re in the market to buy a new product, what is one of the first things you typically do? Read the reviews, right? Validation from an existing customer simply carries more weight than bragging about yourself. […]

Cereal for Summer: Help Feed Needy Families

We’re excited to announce our participation in Cereal for Summer! As many as 250,000 children in the Tampa Bay area suffer from hunger. The problem is especially critical during the summer months, because kids are not getting meals at school. 10News WTSP and Feeding Tampa Bay have teamed up to help feed needy families through the Cereal for Summer food collection drive. We at True Blue Communications will be proudly collecting donations to support the cause. […]

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5 Signs You’re Ready to Hire a PR Agency

Are you a business owner or CEO who knows that public relations is important, but are just not sure how to tackle it? Maybe you see the value in increasing visibility and credibility through PR but don’t know the best way to allocate your resources. If this sounds familiar, or you find yourself in any of the following scenarios, then it might be the right time to hire a PR agency. Here are five signs you’re ready: 1. If the owner is managing PR As a business owner or CEO, it’s your job to build the business. But, how can your business flourish if you’re too busy sending press releases to the media, managing the company blog or sending out e-newsletters? The simple answer is: it can’t. If you find yourself stuck handling these tasks, it’s a sign you’re ready to bring in a PR professional. Hiring a PR agency will take these tasks off your [...]

The Power of Storytelling and Its Role in PR

Once upon a time – in a land called Clearwater, Florida – there was a PR agency named True Blue Communications. They had the secret to a successful public relations strategy. They used the art of storytelling, coupled with their strategic communications expertise, to reach the right people with the right messages through the right channels to drive important shifts in an organization. […]

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Social Media Strategy: 4 Reasons to Hire a PR Agency

Most Americans have personal social media accounts, whether it be Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages. However, managing the social media presence for an organization or brand is very different. […]

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PR Vocab 101: 14 Words and Abbreviations Commonly Used in the PR Field

If your organization is working with a PR agency, you may hear words, phrases or abbreviations that sound foreign to you. Don’t worry. As you work together to build your public relations program, you too will learn the many terms that are thrown around the PR industry daily. To help you get a head start, we’ve defined some of the most frequently used phrases and acronyms in public relations. […]

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The Right Way to Respond to a Crisis

Organizations around the world are faced with challenging crises daily. At some point, no matter how small, your organization will face a crisis. Whether you help create it or it’s simply out of your control won’t matter to the public. What will matter is how your organization responds to the situation. […]

4 Reasons Consulting Firms Need PR Agencies

In order for business consulting firms to be successful, their clients, prospects, referral sources and peers must consider them to be experts in their field. While advertising and other sales-driven marketing activities can be a great way to increase visibility and generate leads, it is common knowledge that organizations – including consulting firms – can buy ads to say whatever they want. […]

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