Most Americans have personal social media accounts, whether it be Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages. However, managing the social media presence for an organization or brand is very different.

For businesses, social media can be a platform to communicate with the groups of people who matter. Being successful with it requires an investment of time and resources. Unless your organization has a stellar in-house PR team, it may be time to hire a public relations or marketing agency to manage your social media program if you want it to have real impact. Here’s why:

1. PR agencies are known for their strategic expertise

An industry-leading PR agency is current with content marketing trends and follows social media best practices. Their team can recommend the platforms and tools needed to run an effective social media program. A PR agency does the research to understand your target audience, and develops a strategy to enhance public perception.

2. PR agencies commit the time

When done effectively, managing a social media program can be time-consuming. Handling it in-house may take your team’s focus away from other important business responsibilities. With the help of a PR agency, your organization can make an impact with social media without letting other areas of your business suffer. By hiring a PR agency to manage your social media program, you get a dedicated team of experts who will focus on doing just that.

3. PR agencies generate creative ideas

Sometimes you need an outside perspective to bring in new ideas. A PR agency has expertise in storytelling, can develop creative angles, and can create interesting graphics for social media posts. A good team knows what it takes to make your social media content engaging, to give your business a competitive edge.

4. PR agencies are responsive

Your social media accounts connect you to your customers and other important supporters. Whether there is a happy customer or a dissatisfied customer, you will hear about it on your social media pages. Hiring a PR agency to monitor and handle these situations will guarantee your organization is responsive and helpful to customers when problems arise. The same holds true during a crisis. A PR agency will keep your followers informed during any situation, while staying true to your organization’s mission and values.

Without a strategic social media plan, your followers may not be engaged by your organization’s posts. Social media can be overwhelming, but that’s what PR and marketing agencies are for!

At True Blue Communications, our Content Marketing services enable you to regularly connect with the people who matter, share news, strengthen brand awareness, increase understanding, and encourage activity and interaction with your organization.