6 Steps for a Successful E-Newsletter Program

One of the best ways to connect with your audience is through the use of an email newsletter. Research has shown that customers are highly receptive to e-newsletters because they like to stay informed on company updates, promotions and educational information. […]

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4 Things the Best PR Agencies Do Differently

If you’re looking to hire a PR agency, you should know that not all PR firms are created equal. A PR agency with a solid track record of getting news coverage and experience in your industry are obvious things to look for. But the best PR agencies not only get results – they’re also great to work with and add value to your business. […]

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From Twitter Chats to Adding Visuals: 4 Tools to Advance your PR Strategy in 2016

As 2015 comes to a close, it’s the perfect time to evaluate your organization’s public relations efforts over the past year. That means pinpointing what worked, identifying what didn’t and making changes. Now is also the time to start planning your public relations strategy for 2016. So, in preparation for the upcoming year, here are four tools your organization can use to advance your PR programs: […]

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3 Ways Service Businesses can Boost Sales during the Holiday Season

Whether you’re like REI and opting out of Black Friday sales, or a big retail chain like Wal-Mart and already have your holiday ads underway, there’s no doubt the busiest shopping season of the year is about to begin.                                       Marketing opportunities are pretty clear for retailers selling consumer goods – but what if your company sells services? Here are three ways your service business can boost sales this holiday season: […]

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3 Ways Storytelling Can Increase Sales

When it comes to increasing revenue, sometimes a hard-hitting sales team needs to incorporate a softer approach to be most effective. Your sales team may be great at identifying new prospects and making cold calls, but do you regularly have new leads coming to you? And how’s your closing rate? […]

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Marketing Contractor Services in the New Commercial Real Estate Landscape

Commercial construction in Florida is finally coming back. But things have changed since the last time we saw a surge in new commercial real estate development. For contractors, it’s not only important to understand this shift in the market, but also to know how to capitalize on it. […]

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Marketing Tips for Behavioral Health Providers – Part 2

In “Marketing Tips for Behavioral Health Providers – Part 1,” we provided two tips for behavioral health providers developing marketing programs in the today’s expanding landscape – (1) Define your differentiator, and (2) Build a turnkey marketing program. The following are two more important marketing tips for behavioral health providers: […]

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Marketing Tips for Behavioral Health Providers – Part I

Over the last several years, behavioral health providers have seen incredible growth in both patients and services provided. Thanks to the Affordable Care Act now requiring that all small group and individual health plans offer coverage for mental health, behavioral health providers have a unique opportunity to grow their practices and expand services. […]

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Seeking a Client Relations Manager

True Blue Communications is seeking a highly reliable Client Relations Manager to work in a professional, results-driven environment. The primary goals of this position are to provide superior service to clients and prospects; to ensure our firm works as an efficient and effective team that delivers on all commitments; and provides office administration and marketing and PR support. The right candidate will have exceptional organizational skills, superior client relations skills and a positive can-do attitude. […]

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Five Steps for Building Your 2015 Marketing Plan

A new year is just around the corner, and with it brings a renewed energy and commitment to business development. Ramping up to tackle 2015 with gusto should include building a marketing communications plan that outlines precisely what you want to accomplish this year with your PR, marketing and advertising, and how you’re going to work toward reaching those goals. […]

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