Untitled designGetting news coverage is a great way to increase visibility and enhance credibility for an organization. A compelling news story can generate awareness for a company or cause, and even change public perception about important issues.

In today’s media landscape, if your company is simply distributing press releases, it’s not maximizing all opportunities to earn news coverage. The way your organization packages and presents its news to the media can make all the difference. 

The most successful PR agencies and in-house professionals use varying approaches to reach the media with news they want to share. Here are a few examples:

Press Releases

A press release typically highlights one newsworthy topic, such as a significant new hire, product launch, merger or acquisition, and awards. Press releases follow the proper AP Style format and use the right angle for your story.

PR professionals may recommend distributing a press release over other outreach approaches when companies want to issue a detailed company announcement.

Story Pitches

PR professionals pitch story ideas to the media for a variety of reasons, including the need to get a timely news story out, or recommending a story on an industry trend on which a company expert can speak. Effective pitches are short and to the point, and provide relevant details and available interview sources.

A successful pitch can result in news coverage that ranges from in-depth company features to your leaders being quoted as experts.

Guest Columns

Many publications accept editorial contributions from people who don’t work on staff. These articles are often called “guest columns” or “bylined articles.” Effective PR agencies and in-house communications staff conduct extensive research to find the right opportunities when pursuing placements for guest columns.

Guest columns are great because the company’s leader – the writer – controls the message. This type of news coverage promotes your company’s expertise on a particular subject, and shows credibility among trends happening in the marketplace.

It’s important to understand how to approach news outlets and journalists, as they are the gatekeepers to your news coverage. That’s why our team uses a multi-faceted approach in our news media relations programs. Contact us today to learn more.