hc-media-trainingIt’s no secret that news media interviews can be a powerful way for organizations to share their stories. But did you know that the way news stories turn out can be a direct reflection of the confidence and ability of the person interviewed?

A sure way to waste a news opportunity is to offer up an interview subject who’s not properly media trained. Doing so could result in a lack-luster story, or worse, a negative story because the interview subject wasn’t prepared to handle sensitive issues.

Here are three compelling reasons your leaders must get media training.

Media training teaches leaders how to concisely deliver key messages

With the right media training, your spokespeople will be able to use their words, tone and body language to deliver your key messages in an influential way. As part of our News Media Training & Coaching Services, we teach our clients how to create focused, succinct messages to tell their story clearly and consistently. This helps build credibility, strengthens brand and increases understanding through repetition.

Media training helps leaders effectively communicate responses to difficult questions

At times, a reporter may put your spokesperson on the spot by asking questions that are difficult to answer. Media training empowers your spokesperson to handle these sensitive issues, contentious topics and negative questions when they come up. When we are coaching our clients, we walk them through mock interviews with challenging questions so they are better prepared for unexpected twists or turns.

Media training prepares leaders to feel comfortable and confident in interviews

Participating in media training will help your spokespeople develop interview skills that improve their confidence in speaking with the media. During our media training sessions, we create the setting of a real media interview by bringing a camera and microphone to record our clients’ practice interviews. While it may be nerve-wracking at first, this is the time for them to learn from their mistakes so they feel more comfortable and confident in real interviews, when it counts.

Even if your organization isn’t proactively pursuing news interviews, you never know when a reporter may call. Providing your leaders with media training is a best practice that will help ensure that precious news opportunities are not wasted. If you’re interested in making the most of your media interviews, contact us today to schedule a news media training & coaching session.