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In order to be successful in earning regular news coverage, your company should have certain materials readily available. One of these materials is a media fact sheet. As the name suggests, a media fact sheet provides facts, figures and important information about the company and leaders who may be speaking with the news media.

If you work with a PR agency, there’s a good chance your team has developed a media fact sheet. However, if you don’t, you might not have a media fact sheet prepared or even be aware that you need one. If this is the case, consider adding a media fact sheet to your company’s media kit. Here’s why:

1. A media fact sheet eliminates a reporter from having to research who you are

Reporters shouldn’t have to work hard to find information about your company. They’re busy, and digging for information is time-consuming. If you want to work with the media, it’s important to acknowledge that a reporter’s time is precious. Having a media fact sheet shows that you respect their time because it eliminates the need for research.

2. A media fact sheet showcases your key differentiators

Not only does a media fact sheet provide key company statistics, it also should explain what sets you apart. Sharing this information with the media helps reporters understand what makes you different from your competitors and establishes your company and its experts as a credible source.

3. Reporters refer to media fact sheets when seeking expert opinions

Reporters often use media fact sheets to identify subject matter experts for stories they are working on. Because reporters use media fact sheets for this purpose, it’s important to identify your media spokesperson(s) in the document so they know who to contact about certain topics. Don’t forget to train spokespeople on handling interviews before they speak to the media.

The above are just a few reasons we always create media fact sheets when launching News Media Relations Programs. If you’re ready to make PR a priority, contact us today to learn how we can help.