Almost everywhere you look online you can spot a GIF – an animated image known as a graphics interchange format. In today’s digital world, GIFs play an important role in telling stories and communicating emotions. Many brands and organizations have incorporated GIFs into their content marketing to engage their audiences and add a human touch.

If you haven’t hopped on the bandwagon yet, maybe it’s time to give your PR efforts a little twist. Here’s why:

GIFs increase engagement

When there’s a GIF on your screen, it’s hard not to look at it. Isn’t that the kind of engagement you want with all your content? Consider adding GIFs to your blog, social media posts or even your e-newsletter. GIFs can help capture your audience’s short attention span and drive them to actually read your posts.


GIFs add a visual element

Adding any kind of visuals to your content has been proven to hook an audience. “So many studies have shown that captivating imagery leads to better engagement,” said Michael Peggs, former business developer at Google. “If you can interact with those images, even better. Branded GIFs are the perfect combination of content marketing and interactive communication.”

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GIFs enhance your story

Telling your organization’s story can sometimes be misinterpreted with content-heavy posts. Attaching a GIF to your posts can reinforce the tone of your message. And when well positioned in your content, you can emphasize important points you want your audience to notice.

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Are you convinced in the power of a GIF, yet? If anything, GIFs will show your organization’s human side and add a little humor to your posts. Everyone could use a laugh, right? To find the right GIFs for your content marketing, visit GIPHY. There, you can create your own or search by category.

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