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An email newsletter is a fundamental way to directly connect with the people who are most important to your organization. Over the years, technologies have changed the way we present and distribute e-newsletters, but the overall approach to creating content that makes them effective has not.

Whether you’re just launching your e-newsletter program, or you simply want to improve it, here are six ways to get people to open, read and click through your e-newsletter. 

  1. Make it Personal to your Readers

First and foremost, in order to make your e-newsletter generate any traffic it has to hook your readers. Put yourself in your reader’s shoes and create relevant content that they can relate to. Remember, your e-newsletter should focus on what your readers want to read, not what you want them read.

  1. Create Informational Content

Your organization’s e-newsletter is a simple way to make a big PR impact. Rather than pushing sales messages, focus on content that’s interesting and helpful for readers. Expert Q&As and “news you can use” – articles that educate your readers in a practical way – are popular topics. When sharing company news, such as achievements, employee profiles, and new hire announcements, keep it short and make the connection why readers should care.

  1. Write in a Compelling Tone

Align the voice and tone of your e-newsletter to reflect that of your organization. If a fun, lighthearted voice is how your organization presents itself, continue that through the e-newsletter. The same goes for organizations that present a more serious tone. Keep your messaging and tone consistent across all communications program for stronger branding.

  1. Professional Copywriting and Design

Proper grammar and professional writing skills make it easier to tell your stories in compelling and effective ways. And a well-designed, consistently branded e-newsletter template creates a positive impression for readers. For these reasons, communications professionals should handle the design and writing of your e-newsletters to really get the most out of them.

  1. Link to your Website

Rather than placing full articles into your e-newsletter, include teasers that link to the full article on your website. By doing this, your e-newsletter will be easier to scan, as people have short attention spans reading on screens. This will also drive traffic directly to your website.

When possible, create a distinct call to action your readers can understand. Include links to all your social sites, ask for feedback and tell them to “click here.”

  1. Set a Frequency

Create consistency by setting a publishing schedule – bi-monthly, monthly, twice a month or three times a week. Whatever it may be, commit to the schedule so you are regularly connecting with your readers.

In the e-newsletter programs we manage for our clients, we implement each of these strategies. The results have been consistently higher-than-average open rates and click through rates.