“Know your audience” is a common phrase in the PR and marketing world. It’s simple and to-the-point, yet so many companies still struggle with really connecting and resonating with their audiences – mainly because they don’t get to know them first.

As a PR agency, getting to know our clients’ audiences is at the top of our to-do list before launching content marketing and media relations programs. Doing so ensures our clients’ key messages reach the people who are important to their business.

If you really want your company to know its audience, the following tips are a good place to start:

1. Identify your audience

Before you can connect with your audience, you must first know who they are. Start with identifying your ideal customer, and be as specific as possible. For instance, determine basic demographics such as age, gender, location, job and hobbies.

2. Be where your audience is

It’s easy to get to know and understand your audience when they surround you. Two ways to put your company in this position is to be present on social media sites where your audience is regularly posting, and read and subscribe to news outlets that are relevant to them. This will help you understand the types of content they read, share and watch.

3. Communicate with your audience

Once you know who your audience is and where they receive their information, engage with them on these platforms. Communicate your key messages to them through blog posts, news stories, social media content or TV news segments. Their responses will give you a better understanding of what interests them.

Identifying your audience and engaging with them on their turf will go a long way in helping your company get to know its customers and other key groups of people.

Our PR agency can help connect your company to its audience through the simple strategy of storytelling. Contact us today for a consultation.