When it comes to increasing revenue, sometimes a hard-hitting sales team needs to incorporate a softer approach to be most effective.

Your sales team may be great at identifying new prospects and making cold calls, but do you regularly have new leads coming to you? And how’s your closing rate?

storytelling-18642A subtle yet highly effective strategy to boost sales is integrating storytelling into your sales and marketing program. When done right, this will help generate leads and improve customer conversion rates.

Here are three ways well-told stories can boost sales:

1. Publicity (aka “PR”)
Getting your company and its experts in the news is a powerful way to get your brand in front of more people. It increases visibility and brand awareness. Most importantly, when you’re in the news without paying to be there (as opposed to buying advertising), it enhances your credibility. It’s easier to sell to people who have heard of your company and believe it to have a strong reputation.

2. Content Marketing Programs
Blogging, e-newsletters, online video and social media help your business stay top-of-mind among prospects and referral sources. Compelling stories – in both written and visual form – have a greater chance of capturing someone’s attention and engaging them in your message. Content marketing also educates people about what you do, and positions your experts as thought leaders in their industry. Online content is sharable – meaning your message is diffused well past your initial circle of contacts – and can be used to funnel prospects to lead generation forms.

3. Case Studies and Testimonials
Well-written customer success stories illustrate the results your company achieves and the value you bring. These are key attributes of successful selling. Real-life stories – when strategically crafted – can increase a prospect’s desire to work with you because he/she can more clearly envision the benefits. Case studies and testimonials can take many forms – articles on the company website, quotations used on printed marketing collateral, or even shared verbally during a business pitch.

Does your sales team integrate the art of storytelling into its business development process? If not, what are you waiting for?

Increase Sales with Storytelling
Article Name
Increase Sales with Storytelling
When it comes to increasing revenue, sometimes a hard-hitting sales team needs to incorporate a softer approach. Three ways well-told stories can boost sales.