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Oftentimes when an organization begins strategizing its media relations efforts, securing news coverage at a national level is at the top of the list. While this is a worthy goal to have and achieve, coverage by local media could have just as great a result – if not better.

Before you completely write off interviews with local reporters, consider these five benefits of local publicity.

1. Local news is a fast way to reach thousands

Depending on the size of your media market, local news can reach thousands or millions of people. You never know who’s watching that might find value in your services. And, if the story is shared a lot on social media or if it goes “viral,” it has the potential of getting picked up by a national outlet.

2. Local news reporters could connect you with national news outlets

If you’re aiming for national news, connecting with local reporters could help you get there. It’s not uncommon for local reporters to eventually work for a national outlet. When they do, your PR agency or in-house team will have a direct connection on a national level. Also, local reporters might already have connections with national news outlets that they can refer to you. You just need to build a relationship with them first.

3. Local news interviews are practice for national coverage

Engaging in local news media relations will give your organization’s spokespeople a chance to hone their interviewing skills before appearing in a higher-profile story. Some national news producers or editors might want to see this experience before putting your spokesperson in front of a national audience.

4. Local news could have a stronger impact

Many times, your media outreach should focus on outlets that reach your key stakeholders. If you’re an organization that serves or sells to your local community, local news coverage may have a stronger impact than national coverage because it reaches your customers directly.

5. Local news is easier to secure

Because you’re competing with worldwide stories, securing national coverage can be more challenging. Your press release or story pitch must prove why the story is relevant to a national audience. While obtaining local coverage can be just as difficult, the competition tends to be less steep and the impact you have on the local area more significant. Plus, because local reporters live and work in your community, it can be easier for your PR agency or in-house team to build personal relationships with them.

If you’re looking to increase your media outreach – whether locally or nationally – contact us today and we’ll get you on the right path.