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10 Rules for Proper Social Media Etiquette

If we learn anything from celebrity social media accounts, we know that social media is not the place to go on rants – ahem, Kanye West. Over the past month, we’ve seen how fast public perception can change based on a few tweets. Celebrities and organizations should know the dos and don’ts of handling their social media, but still we see many forgetting simple etiquette rules. […]

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PR Vocab 101: 14 Words and Abbreviations Commonly Used in the PR Field

If your organization is working with a PR agency, you may hear words, phrases or abbreviations that sound foreign to you. Don’t worry. As you work together to build your public relations program, you too will learn the many terms that are thrown around the PR industry daily. To help you get a head start, we’ve defined some of the most frequently used phrases and acronyms in public relations. […]

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The Right Way to Respond to a Crisis

Organizations around the world are faced with challenging crises daily. At some point, no matter how small, your organization will face a crisis. Whether you help create it or it’s simply out of your control won’t matter to the public. What will matter is how your organization responds to the situation. […]

15 Thoughts I had when Watching Uber’s New Logo Announcement Video

I love reading the chatter after a major brand unveils a new logo. For communications professionals, it’s like the alternative to the gladiatorial games. Everyone’s dying to give a thumbs up or a thumbs down, and oftentimes the branding firm responsible for the new design is left beaten and bloody in the arena. […]

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