I love reading the chatter after a major brand unveils a new logo. For communications professionals, it’s like the alternative to the gladiatorial games. Everyone’s dying to give a thumbs up or a thumbs down, and oftentimes the branding firm responsible for the new design is left beaten and bloody in the arena.

Early this week, Uber announced its new logo. I empathize for those fighting to defend their work, so I’ll keep my thumb to myself. But, I was interested to know what Uber had to say about how they arrived at this new design.

A two-and-a-half minute video on the company’s online newsroom shared rationale behind the change. Here are the thoughts that crossed my mind while I watched the video:

  1. What does the old Uber logo even look like? I think I can picture it…maybe…
  1. Those bits look like a Scantron.
  1. Pacman! I loved playing Pacman at Pizza Inn as a kid. Wish it hadn’t closed…
  1. An atom – nice! Way to center your brand on the basic building block of life, Uber. Who’s gonna argue with that?
  1. A BLT. Random. That’s your first example of something great that atoms make up? Are BLTs the fave sandwich of Uber’s founder? There must be an inside joke here.
  1. “…to moms everywhere…” Really? Moms are on the same spectrum as BLTs in the glory of what atoms create?
  1. Aw, cute cat! Why?
  1. Pretty flowers! Wait…are cats and flowers considered “goods” in some parts of the world?
  1. Ooh, a bike. In underdeveloped countries where cars are scarce, do Uber operators transport people on their bike handlebars?
  1. Oh wait, there’s a basket on the bike – it’s about delivery.
  1. Is that a burnt loaf of banana bread?
  1. Nope, it’s beef.
  1. Self-driving cars – yes, please! But that would be yet another thing for the Uber drivers to protest.
  1. Aw, glowing scenes with culturally diverse happy people. Warm fuzzies achieved.
  1. Wait…is this the new logo?