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3 Ways Case Studies Improve Your Company’s PR

When you’re in the market to buy a new product, what is one of the first things you typically do? Read the reviews, right? Validation from an existing customer simply carries more weight than bragging about yourself. […]

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Cereal for Summer: Help Feed Needy Families

We’re excited to announce our participation in Cereal for Summer! As many as 250,000 children in the Tampa Bay area suffer from hunger. The problem is especially critical during the summer months, because kids are not getting meals at school. 10News WTSP and Feeding Tampa Bay have teamed up to help feed needy families through the Cereal for Summer food collection drive. We at True Blue Communications will be proudly collecting donations to support the cause. […]

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5 Signs You’re Ready to Hire a PR Agency

Are you a business owner or CEO who knows that public relations is important, but are just not sure how to tackle it? Maybe you see the value in increasing visibility and credibility through PR but don’t know the best way to allocate your resources. If this sounds familiar, or you find yourself in any of the following scenarios, then it might be the right time to hire a PR agency. Here are five signs you’re ready: 1. If the owner is managing PR As a business owner or CEO, it’s your job to build the business. But, how can your business flourish if you’re too busy sending press releases to the media, managing the company blog or sending out e-newsletters? The simple answer is: it can’t. If you find yourself stuck handling these tasks, it’s a sign you’re ready to bring in a PR professional. Hiring a PR agency will take these tasks off your [...]

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