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“True Blue” is more than just name. It defines the key traits of our PR firm: honesty, integrity and commitment to doing the right thing. It guides how we conduct ourselves as individuals and professionals. It inspires our dedication to our clients. In short, it’s a big part of what make us special.

We provide industry-leading public relations expertise to organizations serious about elevating their communications programs to the next level. We strategically leverage the power of earned news media and owned media to help you reach the right people, with the right messages, in the right ways to get results.

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What it Means to Be True Blue

The mission of True Blue Communications is to provide best-in-class integrated marketing communications and public relations counsel, products and services to help our partners form positive and productive relationships with the groups of people who directly impact their organizational goals and objectives.
We aspire to change the way organizations approach their communications programs. We will evolve to continually find solutions to be the best partner possible to our clients. We will challenge our industry to be more strategic, integrated and focused on the bottom line when providing counsel and services.
    We consider ourselves partners in our clients’ businesses. We are committed to providing public relations and marketing communications services that enhance our clients’ ability to succeed.
    We offer only strategic recommendations and provide customized services that align with and support our clients’ unique organizational goals.
    We think beyond the boundaries of the everyday. Plans, strategies and activities are built and executed with creativity, energy and enthusiasm for our clients and what we do.
    We are dedicated to the professional practice of public relations. Engaging in continuing education, professional development and industry organizations helps us stay up-to-date on industry trends and remain highly effective in our ever-evolving field.
    Trust and mutual understanding are key traits of positive, productive relationships. We believe in the importance of open, honest and accurate communication between organizations and their various target audiences, as well as between our company and our clients.

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