Planning for Maximum Success

Executing PR activities without a communications strategy or plan is like taking a road trip with no destination. You may have fun for a while, until you realize you don’t know where you’re going or how to get there, and you’ve wasted time and money wandering aimlessly.

Take the guesswork out of your communications program by basing your activities on research, strategy and expertise, not hunches or whims. Our team is deeply experienced and credentialed in strategic communications consulting and planning. We offer consulting services to help you work through challenges and leverage immediate opportunities, as well as develop communications plans and campaigns for long-term concerted efforts.

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Communications Planning

Our Strategic Communications Planning & Consulting Services Focus On:

  • Public relations campaigns and programs
  • Integrated marketing communications plans
  • Content marketing strategies and planning
  • Crisis and issues management
  • Employee communications programs
“Working on an integrated marketing communications plan with True Blue helped us externalize what we were all thinking in our heads in terms of what our business is and what our goals are. It was stepping back and asking who are we, why are we here, who do we serve? To agree on those things, formalize it and put it on paper made things concrete and helped to give us a better focus.”
Claudia Millen, Co-owner of Impact Health


  • Confidence that your communications activities will impact overall business goals
  • Maximize your time and resources by investing in activities that are based on research, strategy and expertise
  • Achieve stronger branding, with consistency across communications platforms
  • Ability to monitor, evaluate and adjust programs to ensure continued progress toward achieving goals