Make the Most of Media Interviews

It’s no secret that news media interviews can be a powerful way for organizations to share their stories. But did you know that the way news stories turn out can be a direct reflection of the confidence and ability of the person interviewed? A sure way to waste a news opportunity is to offer up an interview subject who’s not properly media trained. Doing so could result in a lack-luster story, or worse, a negative story because the interview subject wasn’t prepared to handle sensitive issues.

Our News Media Training & Coaching Services empower your leaders to:

  • Understand the news media and become a trusted spokesperson
  • Deliver key messages about your organization and the topic at hand
  • Give answers that have the best chance of making it into news stories
  • Feel confident and comfortable in interviews, including on camera
  • Handle sensitive issues, contentious topics and negative questions

Customized Training & Coaching

Half-Day Media Training Session:

This session will be customized for your needs, but the most popular program includes:

  • News Media 101 – Understanding the media landscape to help you become a trusted spokesperson
  • Internal Media Protocol Review – Emphasizing your organization’s policies for fielding and responding to media requests
  • Interview Tips – Basic and advanced techniques for conducting successful media interviews
  • Key Message Session – Developing and rehearsing the most important key messages for your organization
  • On-Camera Mock Interviews – Practice scenarios with group interaction and feedback

Media Training Basics Session:

This 1.5-hour training session includes:

  • News Media 101 – Understanding the media landscape to help you become a trusted spokesperson
  • Interview Tips – The top tips for conducting successful media interviews
  • Key Message Rehearsal – Mock interviews to practice key message delivery

As-Needed Interview Coaching:

We provide one-on-one coaching for spokespeople when interview opportunities arise. Coaching covers developing and rehearsing key messages specific to the interview, as well as other tips and advice for handling the interview successfully.

“Insightful, Engaging, Helpful”

“The half-day Media Training Session exceeded my expectations in terms of detail, structure, and information provided. We really appreciated that you tailored questions and scenarios for specific leaders in the organization based on their roles; it showed that your team did great research and planning. The session allowed our leaders to increase confidence regarding media opportunities, understand our protocol and the rationale behind protocol. It also started conversation for future sessions centered on messaging and framing.”

Canaan McCasslin, Associate V.P. of Communications, Lutheran Services Florida