Engage Behavioral Health

Building Smart Marketing Solutions for Engage Behavioral Health

The Situation

Tampa-based Engage Behavioral Health provides Applied Behavior Analysis therapy and psychotherapy services to children with autism and behavioral challenges. Fast-growing Engage has experienced a 192% increase in sales in the past three years, and they contacted us at a critical point in their business expansion.

With more than 70 therapists on staff in late 2013, Engage planned to open new locations throughout the Tampa Bay area and in Tallahassee. To make the most impactful first impression in their new communities, Engage’s leadership recognized a need to update and elevate their marketing and PR efforts.

“More than anything, we were probably a little disjointed previously,” said Engage President Justin Phelps. “We knew who we were and how we wanted to be seen, but it was executing this that was the challenge. True Blue Communications helped us become more focused with the messages we were trying to deliver to our staff, our clients and our community partners.”

The Solution

Our team began by conducting research among Engage’s clients and staff, and then used that input to develop relevant key messages for marketing materials. We next recommended specific activities designed to help Engage reach their communications goals. This included developing a completely new website.

“The content on our website really affects everything we do,” said Justin. “On the old site, we liked the way it looked but we didn’t feel like it really conveyed a clear message as to who we were. Now, with the new website, when we are trying to recruit someone or are bringing a client on board or someone is researching us, they can go to our website and really identify with who we are.”

As Engage prepared to open new locations, we knew it was also important for them to have consistently branded materials that would be easy to replicate for each location. We created a Marketing Kit with print and electronic marketing templates, an open house handbook, industry involvement and community event tips sheets, and flyers for special programs. We also wrote and distributed press releases to the news media announcing the new locations and business growth.

The Experience

“I really believe what sets True Blue Communications apart is the active listening,” said Justin. “I don’t think a lot of companies do that; I think they have an agenda. We have had to shift gears, and True Blue was able to listen to what our needs were and really learn more about who we are and what we needed. They take an active-listening approach to be able to come up with solutions and then deliver.

“If I knew someone in the market for PR or marketing, I would explain that if you were to work with True Blue Communications, you would get a very high level of professionalism. The results are there and that’s ultimately what you want.”