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How to Determine the Right Social Media Sites For Your Company

Social media has become more than just a way to share updates with friends and families. Businesses now see it as a necessary tool to reach their key audiences. But, just like with any other tool, if you use the wrong one it can be difficult to accomplish your intended goal. […]

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Why PR is Critical During Mergers and Acquisitions

If your organization is considering a merger or acquisition, you must know it takes careful planning and coordination to be successful. From a PR standpoint, effectively communicating the changes is also important, if not critical, to ensure a smooth transition. Poorly handled communications during mergers and acquisitions can lead to disgruntled employees, distrustful customers, and a confusing brand message, among others. These kinds of hits to a company’s “PR” can do long-term – and sometimes permanent – damage. If your organization is approaching a merger or acquisition, here are three key areas on which your PR agency or in-house team should be focusing. Internal Communications Communicating a merger or acquisition to your staff, investors and other key stakeholders before contracts are signed may not always be an option. However, there should be a plan in place to communicate as soon as possible how the change will affect them, which includes focusing on any benefits they [...]

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5 Benefits of Local News Coverage

  Oftentimes when an organization begins strategizing its media relations efforts, securing news coverage at a national level is at the top of the list. While this is a worthy goal to have and achieve, coverage by local media could have just as great a result – if not better. […]

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