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The Power of Storytelling and Its Role in PR

Once upon a time – in a land called Clearwater, Florida – there was a PR agency named True Blue Communications. They had the secret to a successful public relations strategy. They used the art of storytelling, coupled with their strategic communications expertise, to reach the right people with the right messages through the right channels to drive important shifts in an organization. […]

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Earned Media Vs. Owned Media and Why Your Company Needs Both

Public relations is not a single-strategy game. There are many ways to leverage the power and influence of various media to strengthen credibility, brand awareness and engagement. In this post, we will discuss the difference between earned media and owned media, and why your company’s PR strategy should include both. Earned Media Earned media is visibility your company receives through media it does not control. It’s free and can lend the most credibility, as a third party creates and shares it. Your PR agency securing a news article in a magazine is an example of telling your company’s story through earned media. When your Facebook followers mention or share your content on their pages, you’re earning media. It’s not always easy to get a reporter or customer to talk about your organization, but when they do and it’s positive, it can make a big impact. Owned Media Thanks to our highly connected digital world, your [...]

Social Media Strategy: 4 Reasons to Hire a PR Agency

Most Americans have personal social media accounts, whether it be Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages. However, managing the social media presence for an organization or brand is very different. […]

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3 Letters You Need in Your Content Marketing: GIF

Almost everywhere you look online you can spot a GIF – an animated image known as a graphics interchange format. In today’s digital world, GIFs play an important role in telling stories and communicating emotions. Many brands and organizations have incorporated GIFs into their content marketing to engage their audiences and add a human touch. […]

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